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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Do Women Really Dream Of Kias?

LADIES!!!!! I need your help with something. This article states something that scares the crap out of me to be honest. No one will argue that men and women think differently. No one will argue that men and women tend to have different value systems.

An international marketing research firm that I have never heard of, NOP World, conducted a survey asking men and women what their dream cars were.

The highest-rated car among men? To no one's surprise, it's a Porsche 911. Other top-10 winners among men: the Maserati Spyder, the Mercedes CL and the BMW 6 Series. In other words, men like their cars fast, hot and into the six-figures.

Women, on the other hand, didn't go for any model of Porsche or Mercedes. Their top-10 list reads like notes from a Suze Orman lecture on household budgeting. It includes the Suzuki Forenza, the Pontiac Sunfire and the Kia Rio sedan.

Are you kidding me? In my observations women tend to value the a good bargain but those are some of the least expensive cars around. Were any convertibles on the list? I've noticed many women have a thing for convertibles. I realize that passion for automobiles tends to be a guy thing (but not always as I point to one ex-girlfriend who thankfully doesn't read this blog). I would love to see the complete list.

"Men may diss women for being so parsimonious. Women can chide the men for overcompensating. (Incidentally, the same survey found most men expect to pay $18,800 for a car -- so good luck with those Maserati negotiations.)" [Ed. FYI: average price for a new automobile is over $30,000 now. That $18,800 will get you a nice Mazda 3. I like the Mazda 3, but that is the league we're talking about.] I can only surmise that many of the people taking the survey were idiots and totally clueless. Maybe they always ride the bus?

Unless you truly desire Yugos and Daewoos (in that case I will mock you instantly) what do you like? Can you, my highly educated and sophisticated audience, come up with a better list than above?

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