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Sunday, June 12, 2005

You Can Do Bar Review At A Bar.

I feel this is an example of how too much knowledge warps your mind. But first a little background.

I thought it was an interesting bachlorette party coming into the bar. All of them were dressed in costume and it isn't Holloween now so it had to have been a bachlorette party. No one was wearing the traditional veil or a tiarra so I couldn't tell who the lucky bride to be was. Given they were about ready to fall down stumbling a bit I figured they visited a few other bars before walking in.

Their costumes were interesting. One police officer with what looked like functioning handcuffs, two old school white nurse uniforms with short skirts and Wonderbras, the toolbelt diva complete with wrench and hammer, and three Catholic schoolgirls with pleated skirts and tied knots with their shirts. Looked like they were having a good time.

After what appeared to be a few rounds one of the schoolgirls screamed, "I'm Catholic. I have sinned and must be spanked!"

Given the above fact pattern is this an offer or merely an invitation for offers? Legally this makes a difference. If it is an offer then someone else can accept. If it is merely an invitation for offers then I have to make an offer and she has the power to accept or not. Yes you too can find legal implications in ordinary life.

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