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Monday, June 13, 2005

Grades: Bah!!!

I swear there is no rhyme or reason when it comes to grades. You fell like you kicked ass on the final and get a C+. You swear you just failed one final exam so bad the Dean will come to your house and plead with you never to step foot on campus again. You get an A in that class. You have one surprisingly good semester followed by one surprisingly bad semester.

The fall was surprisingly good all things considered. Now my last grade is back and the spring has proven most unkind. If they were classes I had no interest in I could understand that. No reason to not do well, but I could understand it. No, I enjoyed three of my four classes.

I realize the bar exam is far more important than my final exams, but it would have been nice to go out on a high note concerning my scholastic career. Still I don't feel sorry for the people who say, "That B was the lowest grade I've ever gotten." Hush now please.

As I was explaining to
Robin today at lunch: the bar exam tests for minimal competence. Minimal is our friend now. Screw it, at least I graduated! How many people can say that?

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