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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Lecturer Styles

These type of people are everywhere: in meetings, in board room, in classrooms, etc. Just because they lectured us don't mean they are special in that respect.

Dazed & Confused Lecturer: You are so lost and unorganized is there any point in us listening to you. Goes back and forth between thoughts in whatever random fashion he/she wants to.

Monotone Lecturer: Speaks with no inflection and emotion at all. Angelina Jolie might be able to get away with this and still hold my attention, but even then I'm not sure.

Reads The Powerpoint Slides Exactly Lecturer: The Powerpoint slides are the script. Most consider it a mere outline, but you felt it was so important you read it directly to us.

Detailed Lecturer: The opposite of the Powerpoint Lecturer. The Powerpoint slides are a mere bare bones outline of your lecture. You then fill in every single possible gap and nuance in those slides. With luck we'll get through 8 pages in 7 hours.

Comedic Lecturer: If only you could make money by going out on tour. Sadly a typical audience isn't familiar enough with the law to enjoy the jokes.

Knows What He Is Talking About Lecturer: Luckily not too uncommon. A good lecturer that holds my attention and educates me.

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