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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It Went Well If Quickly.

My interview lasted around 12-15 minutes I think. I meet with the Head Honcho and another VIP. VIP used to be a substitute teacher once upon a time. They were just meeting all the people who applied but they seemed interested in my school internships and the fact I published a paper. My previous job experience seemed helpful as well. In the end much of the law is troubleshooting a problem and I have lots of experience troubleshooting! The position would fit my skills and mindset very well. I would ENJOY this job.

The downside is a position doesn't actually exist yet. They may decide to create an opening this week, sometime this summer, or perhaps not at all. Ugh. I'm ready now so if they can create the position sooner rather than later I would appreciate that.

They wanted a copy of my note and thanks to Robin I know have one. Why I didn't save a PDF of my note once it got published I'll never know. I mailed thank you notes and the note yesterday afternoon so I prove I have good manners and quick follow up. I did my part, but now it is out of my hands. If you have any spare good karma please send it my way. Thanks.

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