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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Today Will Be A Big Day.

The interview is today. It was scheduled in the late morning so it didn't make sense to work even half a day once you factor in changing clothes time, drive time, parking time, walking into the building time. I'm honestly excited about this position. I believe it suits my skills and temperament well. I will learn more about it as the job description was simply the job title. Wish me some GOOD luck please. I always seem to need more of that than I have.

In other news the season finale of Veronica Mars is tonight. Whodidit??? Was it Mayor Woody? How about Kendall Casablacas with help from a Fitzpatrick brother (nice to see Cordy back as a vampy vixen)? Will Aaron Echolls get killed by Veronica in a fit of self-defense? BTW: I'm not certain Mr. Echolls lawyer can discredit Veronica's testimony the way he did last week. What does her sexual history and health have to do with the murder case? I kept thinking "OBJECTION, relevance of the question" last week, but hey I'm not a trial lawyer so what do I know.

Gag, the third season better be picked up is all I'm saying.

PS: yes I am that much of a dork to combine job interview with Veronica Mars. My stream of consciousness has some interesting eddys.

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