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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Wisdom Of Denny Crane: Flaring Star Edition

Best lines all season.

Denny Crane: You’re thinking. There was a day I used to do that.

Denny Crane: As you get older your priorities change. You realize what’s important: money!

Denny Crane: Big star. I blow solar flares out my ass.

Denny Crane: We’re lawyers. We aid and abet crimes. We do that all the time. The key is to cover our asses. He did that. Ass covered. Over and out. Not guilty. [This could possibly be the best closing argument I’ve ever seen.]

Alan Shore to the trial judge referring to Denny Crane: I get him off he gets me off.
Alan Shore: Not guilty by reason of the district attorney’s insanity.
Judge Thompson: That’s not a real plea.

Shirley Schmidt: Edwin you were less crazy with your pants down.

Brad to Denise Bauer: You’re a hypocrite. You talk about expressing emotions and your keep yours bottled up like one of Denny’s kidney stones.

For those who are Brad/Denise shippers you got your wish tonight. Wow my TV was steaming after that into the bedroom scene. Why is Boston Legal far better than Ally McBeal (hated it) and The Practice (barely watched that one too)?

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