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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hump Day Is So Violating.

Not the worst day ever in my life, but definately a day I should have stayed in bed.

12:00 am: Can't fall asleep at all. Turn on the stereo for some background noise.

5:45 am: Alarm goes off. I've been tossing and turning for who knows how long now.

6:45 am: DSL not connecting to the internet. No way to see if I have any mail or throw a blog post up.

7:05 am: Put the travel mug full of coffee on top to open the car door. Travel mug falls to the ground and spills all over my khaki pants.

7:20 am: Didn't change the pants, but once the coffee dried you didn't see a stain. Discover I'm teaching Freshmen Algebra. Oh shoot me now please and put me out of my misery. As a group, freshmen are the worst. Totally immature. Algebra is a bad class to teach. No one likes to learn algebra and there is no way to make it interesting.

7:45 am: The students appearantly had their sugar quota for the week today and are bouncing off the walls. Had to yell at them in the middle of taking attendance just so I could finish it. Not a good sign of things to come.

1:30 pm: This particular class has been good so I allow a "reward" for the students who asked to use the computer. They may use the computer as long as they aren't shopping, looking at videos, playing games, etc. Somehow the two students I granted permission to suddenly has seven people around the monitors and they're watching basketball highlights and playing SuperNES games.

2:00 pm: Last class of the day and I want the Taser Of Learning to be used. Class never shuts up even though they're taking a quiz. Some decided to play their ringtones one of which is a girl screaming. While I can tell the noise is coming from a general direction it isn't enough proof for me to confront any particular student. Did I mention cell phones are supposed to be turned off? What do freshmen who can't drive need a cell phone for anyway? Sadly I can't write up an entire group nor can I strip search the scum to find the cell phones. Big Loud Black Girl calls me a racist for singleing her out when she's turned around and trying to work with people on the quiz. Have I mentioned the huge racial rifts I've been dealing with for 6 months? Many black students scream racism when a white member of the faculty is simply trying to enforce classroom decorum. Honey I don't care that you're black. I care that you're cheating on the quiz! However I have 3 strikes in her eyes: I'm OLD (adult), MALE, and WHITE; therefore, I'm evil. The only reason I didn't get a chance to write her up is because someone farted on the other side of the room and freaked out everyone. Why are children so overdramatic about everything?

2:50 pm: Class dismissed! 20 minutes later I've finished writing the class notes.

3:20 pm: The parents decided to drop in at my place. So much for relaxing or sending out some resumes. Have a letter acknowledging receipt of my resume. How about a letter asking me to come in for an interview folks?!?!

4:10 pm: Parents take me out to dinner. I don't want dinner at 4 o'clock!

5:30 pm: I'm dropped off at my place. DSL connection is still down. So much for emailing the 3 resumes I prepared on my breaks. DSL self-diagnostic locks up.

6:20 pm: Head downtown to hit the one free wi-fi hotspot I know of. I know other hotspots like Borders or Starbucks, but you have to pay for those. I sit in the Starbucks on Monument Circle hoping to pick up the free connection off the Columbia Club, but never connect. I have to wait for my laptop to charge up so I can move around the Circle. I see my old boss from an internship. Maybe if I can talk to her I'll get a job lead? As I pack up my laptop she leaves the Starbucks and I lose her.

8:00 pm: My wireless card detects various networks on the Circle, but I can't connect to any of them. So much for sending out these resumes.

9:30 pm: Arrive home. Suddenly the DSL connection is happy.

The sad thing is I know the day could have been far worse.

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