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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Will The Lazy And Stupid Learn This Lesson?

The Board is on a rules enforcement kick these past 6 months or so. The monthly newsletter always has the reminder for people to not bring out their garbage cans until Sunday night and to take the cans back to their units on Monday night. Simple in theory, but so difficult in reality. For some reason the past few weeks had some garbage cans out all week. The "unsightly" cans are an "eyesore" according to every newsletter. I'll agree to that.

However, someone (I'm assuming a board member) decided to take the unsightly garbage cans out of our parking lot and place them behind the fence in front of my front door. Is the board hiding the eyesore cans from the illiterate lazy people who can't be bothered to bring their cans back on Monday night? Will those people wander out with full bags of trash on Monday and wonder where to shove them? Nah I'm sure those people will just put their trashbags on the asphalt.

I get to open my front door and windows to six trash cans and a rusty propane tank every day now. A rusty propane tank that has been out for at least six weeks now. HELLO, do you not realize the trash company won't pick up a potential explosive? That is why they've ignored your rusty propane tank for six weeks now.

Here's an idea: the cans have our addresses on them. Why not knock on the person's front door and ask, "Excuse me, but go get your trash can out of the parking lot now!" I honestly fear for our society when we can't follow the simple rules. Don't even get me started on people unable to follow the directions on the recyling bin. The recycling bins next to the bathrooms and locker room were clearly marked paper, metal, or plastic. People couldn't even get that right.

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