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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Transferring Skills From One Environment To The Other.

Today was a goofy half day at school due to Staff Development. Actually it was over two-thirds of a day, but who's counting. I ended up needing to teach one class for the entire day. Not only that, but it was the last class of the day. Ugh I really hate days like that.

The lesson for today in English class was writing a cover letter and resume. I consider myself an expert on this topic so the students were in luck. This was the second day for the assignment so they had parts of a letter written already. After lunch (the class was a split class with lunch in the middle) I put several bullet points on the board concerning cover letters and resumes. "Sell yourself to the employer" was a point under cover letters.

Girl Student: Wow that makes me sound like I'm some prostitute looking for a job.
Boy Student: I never thought a jobhunt was like being a ho.
Me: Eh, you're both kinda right in that you're hoing yourself out to potential employers with a good cover letter.

I adapt to my audience.

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