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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Score One For The Home Team!

I'm in the middle of a project. I'm always in the middle of a project, but this is one I've been slowly working on a for bit: getting together a decent list of references for job hunting. Normally I'm pretty good about detail work, but this is one detail that simply slipped. I've run into several ads that want a cover letter, resume, AND references. Whoops, I didn't get that far before.

I'm slowly getting permission from old coworkers to add them to my list, but I wanted one or two people from the legal/law school world that knew me fairly well. I had one professor in mind. I got out of school early and drove downtown. I managed to find my professor just before he had to leave for a presentation. He readily agreed to be a reference. EXCELLENT!

On my way out I ran into another old professor. We talked a bit about various things and he agreed to be another reference as well. EXCELLENT!

Get out of school early. Get two former professors to be references. Enjoy a wonderfully sunny and warm spring day. I think I burned all my good karma, but yesterday was a good day indeed.

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