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Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Quotes

Blogger had a fit this morning so I couldn't post what I wrote last night. Have fun with the lateness of the post.

Face: [Face has just been rejected by a girl and he turns to see Murdock staring at him] What are you looking at?
H. M. Murdock: You. I've been watching you, and I'm worried.
Face: How so?
H. M. Murdock: Well, it's a bit disturbing to see the team's Love Doctor hit the ground and cry "Medic!"

B.A. Baracus: I thought you weren't crazy no more?
H. M. Murdock: Only on paper.

Col. Hannibal Smith: Hey kid, you're not that swift. I did some pretty squirly things in 'Nam, and lived to tell about them. You're like bread on a windowsill. Mine, when I want ya.

B.A. Baracus: You messed up, now I gotta mess you up. It's the law!

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