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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Season Finales Are Like A Family Reunion.

EVERYONE shows up for the finale. If you don't want any spoilers for Veronica Mars just skip this post and go to the next blog.

I told you to go to the next blog if you don't want spoilers.

If you made it this far you must have watched or just don't care.

Holy crap Beaver is evil!!!! He seemed so nice and geeky. He loved our resident geekette Mac and who wouldn't. He was smart and felt like a almost regular kid. Nope, he's raped our heroine, passed on STDs, killed a busload of people, blew an airplane out of the sky (holy crap Keith is dead?!?!), tortured Veronica. At least Beaver had the courtesy of avoiding a criminal trial by imposing his own death penalty. Did ANYONE see Beaver as the big bad this season?

The odd thing is Kendall the vamp is sitting pretty with 8 million in cash thanks to the dwebby stepson she hated.

I guess we had to have a 20 second Duncan Kane scene to let us know what he was up to. (Which I'm okay with as I did wonder where did he end up.) Does anyone see Duncan's actions as illegal (because assasination usually is) or simply avenging the family honor (assasination: the policy of who do we have to kill to make good things happen)?

Sheriff Lamb is an incompetent ass. You feel sorry for Weevil not graduating. The person you want to arrest isn't going anywhere so why not arrest him quietly when no one is around.

Looks like the epic love between Logan and VM is on...again!!! Would those two wacky kids make up their minds? Uh-oh Logan may need himself checked out by the doctors. Now we know where she's been.

The upcoming CW network better pick up Veronica Mars for a third season or I'm protesting. After BSG this is the best drama currently on television.

PS for lawgeekgurl: yes Joss Whedon would have killed Keith off. I still haven't forgiven Joss for killing off Jenny Calendar and Wesley. Are British guys not allowed to get some lovin' in the Whedonverse?

PPS: I'm so glad Boston Legal is on tape for tomorrow.

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