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Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday Quotes: Just LIke Conversations I Have With Friends.

Jack O'Neill: The hell with culture. A member of my team has been neutralized. That's a hostile act.
Daniel Jackson: How is it that you always come up with the worst case scenario?
Jack O'Neill: I practice.

Jack O'Neill: Actually, it's called the Accretion Disk.
Daniel Jackson: Well, I guess it's easy to understand why the local population would be afraid of something like that... *what* did you just say?
Jack O'Neill: It's just an astronomical term.
Samantha Carter: You didn't think the Colonel had a telescope on his roof just to look at the neighbors, did you?
Jack O'Neill: Not initially.

Samantha Carter: Maybourne, you are an idiot everyday of the week, couldn't you have taken just this one day off?

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