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Sunday, June 19, 2005

U.S. Grand Prix

It sounds like there is plenty of blame to go around, but F1 is a political circus worse than NASCAR. Thanks to whoever for letting only 6 cars races at the GP. You want to wreck F1's chances of gaining acceptance in the United States? You couldn't do a better job than this. What a joke! I thought about going next year. Now I'm not certain. Yet another example of Big Sports screwing over the Fan. You remember Professional Hockey? Neither does anyone else.

Michelin said they didn't build a safe tire (tyre if your British). Yet the only team that had problems was Toyota. Something different in their suspension setup or they didn't inflate their tires to a required pressure is the most likely cause of this. Don't give me the new diamond cut on the track asphalt was the problem crap. Diamond cutting a surface isn't unusual in racing and 3 weeks ago 33 cars turned 200 laps without tire problems. "But Brian, F1 mandates one set of tires for the entire race while IndyRacing League has tire changes every 40 laps. Doesn't that make a difference?" BULLOCKS I SAY! I'm not encouraging drivers to intentionally crash their cars, but that is a part of racing. How was this week different than any other week where they might run over some debris and slash a tire that way?

I know some will say that the rules shouldn't change right before a race. One group was ready to race and if the other group wasn't ready it suck to be them. I'll agree with that idea to a point, but the point ends when it threatens to cancel a race. Adding a chicane to a turn doesn't materially alter the character of the sport. I'm amazed how overregulated Formula 1 is. Loosen up the rules a bit so the fans can have a race.

All this fiasco did was hurt the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the City of Indianapolis. This race isn't likely to come back after 2006 and that hurts this city big time when 100,000 don't show up for a big party and spend their money. We want to be a World Class City and we need World Class Events. F1 is a bunch of spoiled children that don't care about their fans and anyone else they hurt. They're giants playing in the playground.
Somebody needs a spanking!

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