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Monday, June 20, 2005

Time To Fight For Your Local Rapid Transit System.

Long time readers know of my pet project to encourage a true public transportation system in this area. You want to be a world class city you need to have world class public transportation and IndyGoNowhere isn't it.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization is having a public meeting in Glendale Mall Community Room on Thursday June 23rd. Door open at 6:30 and the meeting starts at 7pm. The IMPO has studied 4 potential routes for the rapid transit system and is looking for public input on those routes.
I'm assuming you can comment on the type of technology used. Here are some pointers.
  • You don't want to use buses because they're expensive to operate and will never pay for themselves. A bus system will cost nearly $2 per passenger mile. Don't be fooled by the cheaper up front infrastructure costs.
  • You do want the elevanted system. I know it is the most expensive up front infrastructure, but your per-passenger mile cost is around 5 to 10 cents. An elevated system could pay for itself eventually and fund extensions to the system.
  • A light rail system fail in between at around $1.20 to $1.30 per passenger mile to operate.
Here is a very good article from this Sunday's Star explaining the options and the meeting. RECOMMENDED READING!

They will give powerpoint slides ahead of time so you can organize your thoughts if you wish to speak. I recommend bringing a legal pad and pencil. I also want everyone in favor of the project to please remind the board "JUST BUILD THE DAMN THING!"

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