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Saturday, May 28, 2005

No Redhead On My Lap This Year As We Dodge The Wraith Of God.

Yes I know last year we had rain, the race was stopped twice, lightning, tornadoes, and we almost ran out of beer in 11 hours (good thing we had the double emergency reserve), but hey at least the redhead was on my lap as we escaped the track to dodge the incoming tornadoes. Okay we were really stuck in traffic trying to dodge the tornadoes, but that is besides the point.

Sadly our fabulous friend will not be attending the race this year due to her work commitments. Bummer, that was one of the best things about the race last year. We certainly had a good time. Think George Clooney and J.Lo. in the truck of that car in Out Of Sight. Oh well at least the weather is supposed to be much better this year.

PS: yes I know redheads are nothing but trouble, but the fifth time could be different.

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