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Monday, May 31, 2004

Happy Birthday to Moi

Do I feel any older? That's a bad question to ask after spending 12 hours at the track yesterday, dodging tornadoes in a 2 hour traffic jam with a very witty, intelligent, red-head female in my lap. She was pretty comfortable all things considered and that was the important thing. I'll be honest, I didn't mind at all either :-) . The sunbrun and sore muscles are an interesting reminder of one of the most interesting 500 races I've ever been at. Thankfully, the aspirin is kicking in finally. Oh, back to the original question: I do not attribute any aches and pains I currently possess to any feelings of more age.

Today has two parts: celebrate with family with Shriek 2 and a cookout, then head up to a friends for a Memorial Day/post Indy 500 party. Oh this will be a long day.

TTYL, I'll give out the good stuff later tonight.

EDIT: Shrek2 was hillarious. I'm not sure which scene-stealer was better, Eddie Murphy as Donkey or Antonio Bandaras as Puss'N'Boots. The parental units provided a very nice cookout afterwards. Sometimes a charcoal grilled hamburger and hot dog can't be beat.

I managed to get over to a friend's for a final Memorial Day picnic in the early evening. Many other friends were there, but many had already left. There was yet even more hamburgers and hot dogs. Aye, yi, yi! They did have a suprise for me: a birthday cake with my name in icing and everything! Woo-hoo my birthday is being mourned across the entire country with cookouts! (Just kidding folks. Please remember my sarcastic sense of humor)

The weather today was perfect. Sunny, with lots of white puffy clouds, mid-70s in temperature with a strong breeze. The last day of May had the weather that the vast majority of the month had missed. It was a pretty good day.

PS: yes I did blow out ALL of my candles.
PPS: it's good to know that most people who don't know my age think I'm in the 26-28 range :)

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