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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Someone got a job finally

No, it wasn't me. CAG finally found a job now that her medical residency is winding down. Very few benefits, but high salary. As she referred to the situation, "as long as you aren't married or have kids, then benefits aren't that important." It took me a minute but then I realized she's right. Beside if you thought law school debt was bad, then you haven't seen medical school debt. YIKES!

She asked me to help her move. She already made the requisite offer of food and beer so she knows the moving protocols. A weekend in Chicago sounds appealing later this summer. It's the closest I'll get to a vacation this year.

So if you're in the Joliet, IL area in the fall and you need an internal medicine doctor I can refer to you to one. She knows her stuff, but you'll need to disregard her bedside manner.

Now if only a few other people I care about, including myself, were also gainfully employed. What a crappy economy...stupid economic trailing indicator!

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