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Monday, May 24, 2004

Are We Learning Yet?

Woo-hoo! It took about 45 minutes of digging through FAQs on Haloscan, but I have learned Trackback! It only took 3 tries before I got it work properly. Now I have a more formal way of citing to people. That law review indoctrination has gotten to me: cite to everything!

Speaking of law review, my Note has come back to me from the publisher. I need to compare their version with my version and make sure they didn't create errors. The conversion from Microsoft Word to Corel Wordperfect, including all the different sized margins and fonts, is well known for making lots of errors. I guess I'll start that project tomorrow.

Wow, by early fall at the latest I will be an official published person. In the future someone could cite to my Note. That is a scary concept. My Note is somewhat timely as part of it deals with the issue of Iraqi sovereignty and the President finally outlined the plan to transfer power to the Iraqi people today through a draft UN Security Council resolution. My Note had some different ideas, but maybe it could be applied in the future.

Oh BTW: a law student writes a Note with the capital 'N'. A person with the J.D. degree writes an article. Tradition. Hopefully you learned something today as well :)

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