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Sunday, May 23, 2004

It's A Small, Small World

I like to learn something everyday. There is something called 'Trackback' next to the Comments field. I had no idea it does. Imagine my surprise when I was scrolling down the screen and saw I had one. As the Help function in Blogger proved useless I've figured that when someone links to someone else's post, such as mine, it shows up as a Trackback informing me that I have been linked. Cool, I am citeworthy it seems.

It appears that a lawyer on the Missouri/Illinois border was informed of Sapere Aude and our student blogs at IU-Indy. Notes from the (Legal) Underground proves to be an interesting read and Evan noted some interesting posts and one of mine made his list. Appearantly I am "self-deprecating."

Here is the embarassing part and the second thing I learned today: I knew, in general, what self-deprecating meant, but I looked in a dictionary to double-check. I'm okay with it. I would rather be self-deprecating than egotistical and self-centered any day. You got to be humble in this world.

EDIT: Okay, I have learned what a 'Trackback' is, but not how to employ it. Putting in the trackback URL did not link the post I wanted you to see, but there was a 'Permalink' option. That seemed to work. I was a PC hardware and software tweaking god, not a programmer. HTML still baffles me in many ways. :( If I learned how to get it to work properly would that be the third thing I learned today? Forget it I need to read Business Associations for tomorrow. I'll tinker later.

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