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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Can't smackdown the uppidty students anymore

Indianapolis Public Schools have voted to abolish the paddle when disciplining students. The paddle was always a last choice of disipline, not the first. Though I'm sure many a teacher just wanted to lay the smackdown on a well-deserving disruptive student. My take: a lot of students won't care about being shunned, timed out, or continuously being told to sit down and pay attention. Those students do understand pain and will want to avoid it. I'm not advocating beating the crap of them, but one good swat with the wood gets children to ponder their actions.

I think we are becoming a wussified society and are continuing to raise children that don't understand that actions have consequences. Look at some of the stupid things many adults do now. Dr. Spock screwed up their lives I fear.

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