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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Admiral Fuzzbucket Did His Job!

MacGyver is big coward. He is scared of storms, strangers, and who knows what else. I had him on his lease as a neighbor walked over to my parents. The neighbor asked if they had heard or seen anything at 2:30 Wednesday morning. They hadn't. It appears the neighbor was awakened by fuzzball's ferocious barking. They left their window open to let in some cool air and saw someone running out of the space between the two houses and smelled cigarette smoke.

Was it some kid making trouble and sneaking some cigs? Was it some neer-do-well wanting to break into a home? Who knows. Our best guess it MacGyver was sleeping on the porch and awakened by the person. Naturally being behind the fence makes him very brave so he barked and scared off the intruder. We didn't find anything in the open space. Both back yards are fenced in and our gate is locked to prevent people from leaving the gate open and letting MacGyver out.

Good boy. You get a scratch on the chin from me.

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