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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

100,000,000 of the People's Car

Volkswagen, whose name in German means 'People's Car,' has jointed the elite group of Ford, Chevrolet, and Toyota in producing more than one hundred million vehicles on Tuesday. Breaking it down VW has sold 21.5 million of the original Beetles, 23 million Golfs, 13 million Passats, and 9 million Polos (subcompact hatchback available outside the U.S).

The 100,000,000th vehicle was a Touran, a van sold in Europe and not available to the North America market.

I'll admit to being intrigued by the new Jetta, but the price/performance curve seems a tad skewed upwards to me by being in between the compact and mid-sized markets. I'll reserve my judgment until I am actually car shopping and can test drive the bugger.

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