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Friday, May 20, 2005

Good Bye Reggie

Sadly I didn't go to your last game. I didn't even watch it on TV. I didn't know the local ABC affiliate was broadcasting it. I figured it would be on ESPN or some other cable channel I don't have.

You meant a lot to us. You were the hero so many times. You could shoot 3 pointers from anywhere and they were always true. Sadly time took a toll on you and made you mortal. You can still take over a game, but you're not the go-to guy anymore. Yet you became Uncle Reggie and instilled your accumulated wisdom upon the next generation. You still had the ability to impact those around you, just in different ways.

It isn't easy to let a legend go, but your time has come. At least you had the decency to bow out before you were a shadow of what you once were. Some stars stay too long, but you aren't some star. You were our star; a star full of class. I'm betting you'll take some time off which you so richly deserve. I doubt you'll be away from the game of basketball too long though. You'll be back in some capacity. Color commentator or assistant coach perhaps are my guesses.

Your #31 jersey will hang from the rafters of Conseco Fieldhouse soon enough. If I'm smart enough and have some money by then I'll make sure to show up to that game. You deserve that much from me.

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