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Thursday, May 19, 2005

When Toby Ziegler Meets Dick Vitale

Videotape dude looks like Toby Ziegler's brother (yes a West Wing reference for those unfamiliar with the show) with the attitude of Dick Vitale. Made watching the videotape on Contracts far more interesting than I ever thought possible. A shame I can't apply the "Kiss My Ass" doctrine to all of the questions, but now I have permission to apply it to some questions. When can I apply that doctrine to some people?

The practice exam was most disconcerting. Except for having Sales last summer I haven't had Contract in two years. I did okay on the exams, but it wasn't a subject I took to. I figured if I got 25% right on the exam that would be good. I didn't even recall some of the languaged used in the problems and I didn't recall how many of the doctrines worked so I simply guessed on many questions. I didn't have a clue and got 50%. This is disturbing because I know I didn't earn it. Note to self: bone up on Contracts a lot over the next few months. Note to self: bone up on every other subject as well.

Time to type up my longhand scribble into real notes. This weird Chinese/Egyptian/English hybrid for a written language is interesting to transcribe onto my laptop. I'm wrong; a language can communicate ideas. I can't even understand my own handwriting!

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