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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Plush Seats & Odd TP!

I didn't really investigate the room where our multistate classes were held. I walked in the first day and found a seat at the end of the table which was all I cared about. It wasn't until yesterday that I discovered there was a bench seat running the width of the room in the back. Looked comfy enough. I would have slept on it if I saw it earlier so best I didn't notice it originally.

Since it was the weekend I guess the janitorial staff didn't put in new paper towels in the bathroom. Someone decided to bring out a roll of toilet paper to act as towels. This was the oddest roll I've ever seen. It wasn't wrapped around a cardboard tube, but seemed to be one continuous roll of paper. The inner most layers were of a narrower width so it created a empty cone shape. Who thought this up? I can't imagine it rolling around easily in a typical dispenser. If you're using the TP for the proper purpose that is the LAST thing you need: difficulty of access.

Strangely enough I did far better on the Property exam than I had any right to. I believe I guessed well because many times I hadn't a clue! Tomorrow will be transcription of my class notes. I haven't finished those yet, but I need a few hours away from distractions and I should be set. Distractions AFTER the football game. Much of the next two months will be a bunker mentality of getting the job accomplished. Still I must have some down time and we haven't played football in months.

Wish me luck.

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