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Monday, May 23, 2005

The Easiest Day

Edited Below:

8:15am. Such an odd time to be anywhere, but the bar review classes start at that time. Not 8:00am, not 8:30am, but 8:15am. I like parking at the school. Our tags are still good to August and I refuse to pay a $3 early bird fee for a parking garage. Over 2 months that is over $150 or so. Uh-uh I am not paying that. Besides, the six block walk might be the only exercise I get all day.

The lecture room is nice, but a few chairs need to be removed so we have a little more room. The room isn't full of students so I feel this could be accomplished. I knew we weren't going to noon because we didn't have that many introductory materials. This was the easiest day!

The lecturer went through the expected introductions, the outline of the couse, the basic compositon of the bar exam, all the technical and introductory stuff you would expect. A few suprises did pop up though including what to do before the exam. The lecturer suggested that even if we lived in town we might want to look into getting a downtown hotel room and just walk to the exam. No muss with bad traffic, no threat of the car breaking down, just a nice stroll through downtown. I can understand out-of-towners needing a hotel room, but what nervous nelly would want to have the hotel room? Then I realized about a dozen or so people I could think of in the first 3 seconds. I have some stressed out classmates that worry way too much.

Even if I could afford the hotel room (and I can't) I wouldn't want to. Sleeping in my own bed, having the coffee that I like to drink, and a relaxing drive downtown would calm me down. As long as I avoid bad traffic a good drive is very calming to me. Park at school and stroll to the exam sounds like exactly what I need. If the MGR doesn't want to start I have a hill that I can pop the clutch on anyway! If worse comes to worse I'll crash at my parents' house. The dog can wake me up, mom might make waffles, and the odds of the MGR and the minivan breaking down the same day are astronomical. Oh that would be so 9th grade if mom had to drive me to the bar exam. That'll be a game day decision.

I doubt any more lectures will get out by 10:15. Time to study now. I'll pop out of the bunker ever now and then.

EDIT: The more I think about it the more I think some people should take advantage of the hotel idea. Yes some people will be nervous and already being downtown is one less hassle to deal with. That isn't who I am thinking of. The perinially late person should stay downtown! The people that never made it to class on time. Sometimes they were even late coming to a final exam. If you have a time management problem you might want to take that guy's advise. To be early is on-time, to be on-time is to be late, and to be late is to be screwed.

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