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Friday, May 27, 2005

Everybody Loves A Parade!

Thankfully no bar review classes today. The biggest annoyance so far has proven to be getting to the building itself! Here's the deal. We have this big parade for the Indianapolis 500 every year. The city sets up bleachers on the sidewalks along the parade route. Those bleachers take up nearly the entire sidewalk and guess where our building is. Only enough space for one person exists between the bleachers and the buildings so pedestrian traffic gets very thick.

Normally I've never had problems with the parade setup. Of course that was when I was in the parade! Seven straight years of being in dark wool uniforms on usually a hot and muggy spring afternoon sometimes carrying 45 pounds of heavy metal. I miss it to an extent. We had such energy to perform then. It didn't matter towards the end that we were tired. We heard the whistle to start the next song on the rotation and played it. We did our chops to dazzle the audience with our physical prowness. Besides we knew we were going to the race the next day. If you don't live hear it is hard to explain. This entire town gets a buzz for nearly a month concerning the 500. Festival activities are all over the place, the track is alive with cars running, and I have lots of fun!

I guess it is fair that since I don't do the parade anymore that I did the half-marathon that kicks of 500 Festival. The universe likes balance and all that. Maybe I'll get a bleacher seat next year for the parade. You always have to cheer for the bands or else.

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