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Monday, August 09, 2004

Official Wine of Confessions

Saturday night we celebrated a friend's successful survival of the Wisconsin bar exam. Part of the official libations included a white riesling from Oregon that I picked up in November 1998 on a trip to Portland. As it was a '97 vintage I was concerned that I hadn't drank it yet. Whites last about 5 years. The red wines are the ones you can store for long periods. Luckily after being chilled for a few days the vino gelato white riesling was still good and very sweet. It was a tasty dessert wine.

Therefore I have selected Ponzi Vineyards of Oregon as the Official Wine of Confessions. If you're into wine they appear to have a club that allows you to purchase bottles to be shipped to you. You can also purchase individual bottles online. If you're in Portland for some reason I do recommend a tour of the wineries.

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