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Friday, August 06, 2004

Happy 4,000th

Sometime today will be the 4,000th visitor to this humble virtual abode. Given the fact that only a few dozen people actually know of Confession's existence I consider this rather remarkable. I'll have to check the dates, but it appears every milestone occurs at a faster interval as my average hit rate has climbed up. Time to advertise :-)

Hopefully you've enjoyed my TV rambling, political commentary, a day in the life of Brian, pseudo-legal thoughts, tourist traveling, news of the weird, stepping up on my soapbox, eclectic mixture here.

Though I'm always curious what politicos and business leaders are monitoring me when I see the hits from IN.US and IndianaChamber.com? If you want my ideas your price is the first pitcher of beer.

Oh yeah, a Confessions post wouldn't be right without mention of alcohol somewhere.

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