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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

How Sex Can Sell You Or Cost You

As if Sport Illustrated needed to sell any more Swimsuit issues, SI has teamed up with NBC to produce a six episode reality TV series on the models. Viewers can vote on who should win the contest and be included in that SI issue. The viewers will not know who is the winner until the publication. The winner also gets a $1 million modeling contract.

In Blantyre, Malawi the sexual exploits of a 43 year old Catholic priest and a 26 year old nun will cost them 6 months of hard labor after pleading guilty to having sex in a parked car.

Passers by alerted police at Lilongwe International Airport after the parked
Toyota Corolla, which had tinted windows, began shaking in what police
described as "a funny manner."
At least this priest was with a legal-age woman which are definately two things in his favor. Though hard labor definately has a new meaning for them both!

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