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Sunday, August 01, 2004

'The Driver' gets his own comic book. So cool!

BMW created a series of short films available online called "The Hire." Every story was different, but featured two constants: 1) a BMW automobile and 2) an enigmatic character called "The Driver" played by Clive Owen (currently King Authur). The amazing thing about the 15 minute shorts is that the production values were very high. Prominent actors (Gary Oldam, Jame Brown, Don Cheadle) and directors (John Woo, John Frankenheimer, Ang Lee, Tony Scott) got into these little short projects.

Some of the shorts were merely okay, but others are absolutely fantastic films! It appears Dark Horse Comics is going to create a limited series of comics based on the popular character. The concept will be the same as the short films. Have stand alone stories with The Driver as the only constant along with each episode having a unique cream of the crop production team.

The entire short film series is also available on DVD. Excellent!

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