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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Big Parties In Politics

As most of you have surmised, if you didn't know already, I'm a bit of a political junkie.  It's so bad that one person commented about an online conversation I was participating in that, "You guys sound like The West Wing."  That being said I don't care too much about the political conventions, at least from a watching on TV point of view.  Over the past 50 years conventions have evolved from a selection of candidates and formation of political platforms to a great big rally the troops party and informercial.  Since I gave up cable TV last night was either bad comedies on UPN or catch Democratic convention on all the other channels. 

Luckily I was really cleaning the living room and just had the TV on as background noise with only one ear listening.  Some thoughts:
  • Glen Close: are you a local party chairman, a party organizer, or what?  You're a great actress, but why are you giving the opening remarks for the TV audience?  Seems like some grand poobah of the party should be giving the opening remarks to me.
  • It is a very fine line between remembering and honoring the victims of September 11th and exploiting the tragedy.  I found myself unsettled after watching Glen Close's remarks and the mother's story.  I'm not sure on which side of the line the first 10 minutes were last night.
  • President Clinton: the man has plenty of flaws, and many of his speeches are rambling messes.  Yet, when all his cylinders are firing his is an amazing orator.  The man was all revved up and in tune last night.

Since conventions are nothing but a big informercial now I'm not going to pay that much attention to them.  Still the informercial does have value when the candidates will finally introduce themselves through an unfiltered media.  No spin, no analysis, no interruptions, the candidates get 30 or 60 minutes to just talk.  At that point you see what you got.

I have to admit it would be cool to be at the convention!  The energy would be amazing and you know my commentary would be great.

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