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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Presidential Duties

As the fall semester approaches my thoughts have been turning towards my presidential duties.  I've been finding contact information for speakers that I wish to have.  If I can book a few by August then I won't have to worry about speakers for the rest of the semester.  I'm pondering ideas on how to raise money for the society.  I'll likely ask my treasurer if she wants lunch or dinner sometime this week so we can brainstorm a few ideas and our spreadsheets are in need of some positive cash flow.  I'm also pondering how to get more members interested in the society.

I've figured out how to get people interested in paying dues.  We're going to need a few bake sales to procure it, but this will be the ultimate recruiting piece at the school this year.  For only $4.5 million our society can acquire a 690 foot aircraft carrier!  The 1944 vintage vessel has the honor of being the last carrier built by the British for World War II.  It is the former H.M.S. Vengeance.  It got loaned to Australia in the 1950 so I know the dean will be willing to loan some cash for a piece of Aussie history.  Brazil bought it in 1956 and the vessel has been refitted a numerous times until being decommissioned in 2001.  Brazil hasn't been at war with anyone so you know the ship has been gently used.  Brazil wanted to convert the Minas Gerais, as they named her, into a floating mall, but they got smart and figured a few enterprising individuals like myself would be more interested in her. 

Think of the adventure!  We have to go down to Rio de Janeiro to pick it up, but the long cruise would give us plenty of time to figure out what all the buttons do.  We're not doing anything OctoberBreak, and I know we have a few veterans in the society that should have the proper knowledge on how to operate it.  Besides, there has to be a user manual lying around somewhere right?

I know one person that is flight qualified for single engine airplanes so we can launch aircraft of it.  Besides, how many other law schools would want to mess with Indy after we take title? 
We get the best education possible because we don't need to prove our reputation is worth all those rankings that magazines give us.
Oh yeah, we're so good in international law that we have an aircraft carrier.  Iceman and Maverick commence strike run.
I wonder if such a purchase would be tax deductible as an educational expense?

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