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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Congrats To The Mentee

I adopted several first year students last year.  They're like lost dogs that I find and take care of.  I try to offer wisdom and guidance, or at least beer and restaurant recommendations.  One of them has made it onto a law review.  Yeah.  Sadly it is not the law review I am on.  Sadly I can't mentor you over there. 

The work involved in a law review journal is extreme.  It will involve much sacrifice of time and effort.  Still it is a good experience.  The law review provides a ready made support structure for someone to write their paper.  I feel very sorry for those third years who needed to come up with a paper before graduation on their own.  An experience I'm glad to have avoided.  If you do happen to get published it is a thrill to the ego.

Good luck young one.  You'll need it, but I have faith in you!

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