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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Bike Trek III: The Search For Elvis

During a recent adventure I discovered a street called Graceland. Sadly I was unable to find Elvis' house. Nobody messes with The King, baby! It has a very mean hill as well. 3 years ago it would have been an effort to go up a hill like it. Now, it beat me. BADLY! I'm going to have to look at a map to find a way through the Butler campus to get back on the flat trail. I've searched twice now and haven't found it yet. Maybe I should email Deb, she went to school there. When in doubt ask a 'local' for directions!

Odd thing to notice: I grabbed the helmet, the two water bottles, the bills I wanted to dump at the post office, the bags of recycleables, and the cell phone. I had the keys to the ignition in my hands when I realized the bicycle was still inside. Sometimes you get so ready that you forget the most important thing!

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