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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Things That Are Cool

No I am not referring to are unseasonably cool, though highly enjoyable, weather.
  1. Going to another blog. Seeing a comment that is not well thought out (most polite way I can phrase it), and then seeing two of my fellow classmates maul the ill-reasoned theory. You go girls! Priceless.
  2. Knowing that my schoolmates and a Wisconsin buddy are now passed out on the barroom floor after finishing their bar exams today. Good luck to all.
  3. Seeing the new Subarus on the factory stand next to I-65. Mark my words in a few months Subaru Outback: MotorTrend SUV Of The Year. The new Legacy sedans and wagons are very nice and I wouldn't mind owning one. Not quite MT Car Of The Year standard.

EDIT 7-29-2004: Being a slightly evil person I've come to appreciate that sometimes it is more enjoyable to watch the fight than to participate in it. I'll prolly weigh in tonight, but sometimes you have to let the great debates simmer a bit.

FURTHER EDIT: Upon further review, perhaps I won't join in. Sometimes you see a discussion go way out there and even I just have to shake my head in confusion.

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