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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

To Whom It May Concern

To the individual at either a Ford dealership or Jiffy Lube who decided to put a nut onto one of the screws that holds down the air filter cover on my Ranger:

I remember changing my air filter in a blistering cold wind at least a year and a half ago. As I have heard comments from Jiffy Lube personal complain that they were unable to access my air filter numerous times in that past year and a half I was concerned by what I thought was their laziness. Deciding to spend the 5 minutes of my time to change my own air filter seemed like a good idea.

Imagine my surprise when one screw simply wouldn't come out. I attempted to use a flat blade to prop up the filter cover in the hopes of simply forcing the stubborn screw to come up. This didn't work. In order to see better I decided to take apart about 20% of my air intake system to have a clear view of the working environment. I was shocked to find a rusted and off-center round nut on that screw! As I have changed my air filter numerous times personally I can assure you that nut is not Ford O.E.M.

Several squirts with Liquid Wrench, two different screwdrivers, and a wrench were insufficient to separate the nut from the screw holding down my air filter cover. In fact when the wrench slipped off the nut, the resulting stream of profanity as my elbow hit the hood latch would have been amusing to anyone watching. I will borrow a Dremel tool within the next few days in order to solve the problem you have given me. On the off chance I find you I will also be applying some Liquid Wrench and a wrench to one of your nuts and see if I have more success.

Thank you,
Disgruntled Customer

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