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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Out To Lunch Folks

Four lunch invitations sent out.
One yes for today (woo-hoo).
One yes for when that person gets back in town (woo-hoo).
One no (boo).
One no response so far (wait-n-see).

I haven't been to Muncie in 10 years. I hope I can still find the city. Time to get spiffy for the Fabulous Kelly P. and catch up on all the latest gossip.

EDIT: Had a fabu time with the Fabulous Kelly P. I will admit that Scotty's Brewhouse beat me. Someone at Mapquest please realize that the instructions you gave me for get off at SR 32, go through this neighborhood, go through this cornfield, go down MLK, over this river, while accurate was NOT the best way to get to Muncie. I didn't recall it being that difficult to get to Ball State 10 years ago so I simply took the other turn towards SR332 and was immediately on the interstate for the drive home. Stupid Mapquest!

When class does start up again, let's remember to take the time to have lunch or drinks sometime. You're my friends, the family I adopted.

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