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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Indy Cultural Tidbit: Avalon

This will be different than the normal series.

My family and I just tried this out tonight. Avalon just opened up last week north of the intersection of Allisonville Road and 82nd Street by the Castleton Square Mall. The art deco building stands out in this midwestern city. The neon lights set is ablaze at night when I've driven by. Imagine importing a little bit of a South Beach Miami neighborhood to Indy. That's what has happened.

The bar/nightclub is seperated from the family restaurant side by moveable glass windows. Once the kiddies leave it appears the whole place can be opened up. The steak meals are just over $20, but plenty of good options exist in the $10-$12 range so you won't bust your credit limit. The food is great, the jazzy music was good (including the theme from Sanford & Son), the decor has style and flair, and I can't wait to try it out at night. The only downside, the chairs at the tables aren't the most comfortable. I wouldn't want to sit in them for more than 90 minutes.

If you want to feel South Beach, but can't afford a plane ticket, then go to this new, and I'm hoping successful, new landmark to Indy culture.

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