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Sunday, August 08, 2004

For The Love Of The Game

For an early August day with the temps in the low 80's and no humidity it couldn't have been a better day to play football on the unflooded tundra of Fishers field. For 2 hours there were ungainly throws, odd spins to juke the defensive, mistimed cuts, routes that failed, overthrown balls, hyperextended thumbs and arms, getting toasted by 2 steps, a fantastic offensive interception, and what appeared to be one hellacious accidental knee to groin incident in an attempt to catch the ball.

So we had fun!

The Good: I am getting faster with better endurance. I can keep pace with the person I'm covering. The Bad: if my man gets two steps past me, because I can keep pace with him I'm always two steps behind him. The hurt me bad; three times :-( The Ugly: I still don't have an athletic gene in my body. I guess I shouldn't complain too badly. I never played in any leagues as a child unlike most boys. I never even understood the basic set of rules until I taught myself the rules as a high school sophomore by observing the game from the bandstands. Given that lack of basic exposure from an early age I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself for my lack of vertical leap and proper catching technique. Although if I were 6'6" I would have been able to catch that one overthrown ball!

Time to keep working out and take a shower. Some Advil would be nice as well.

EDIT 8-09-2004: Some breakfest, another hot shower, and some Advil make me almost human this morning. Why does having fun make me so sore the next morning?

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