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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Slim Pickings On OCI

On-Campus Interviews last year were a joke for me. I didn't put in very many bids and only received one interview. It wasn't even a good interview, but it would have made a decent infomercial.

After updating my resume, getting no more emails about the OCI server crashing, and getting my login ID and password, I was all set to select put in a few bids. Wow, there isn't even a full page of firms coming this year. Last year there were at least two full screens of firms coming to interview. Unless there is a second webpage lurking somewhere, I guess the legal market is so bad firms must be canceling trips to campuses to look for summer interns and new hires!

OCI seems to work well for some people, but if this is the case for this year I may not even bid on anything.

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