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Monday, August 09, 2004

Happy Birthday Official Spokeswoman!

The nice thing about the internet is that I get exposed to many interesting ideas. Between Energy Spatula and JC I've decided to have an Official Spokeswoman of Confessions. The formidable task of selecting the best person for the job was daunting. I like to surround myself with the best of people, and a spokeswoman for here needed to be the best. Besides, your first one should always be special.

There were many candidates, but one continuously stayed on top. Chicago born, yet London raised. A supporter of numerous charities and thought of being an biologist when she grew up. She's extremely funny and outgoing with plenty of brains to go with her flair. She perfectly portrayed a scientist who needed to step beyond logic and her faith to explore the unknown for 9 years. To top it off today is her birthday. So my gift to her is the 'Official Spokeswoman of Confessions' title.
May I present: Gillian Anderson

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