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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why Parents Need To Ensure Their Kids Learn In School.

I am not telling these stories to make fun of people. I am telling these stories because I fear the consequences our society will bear unless this nonsense of our own stupidity gets fixed soon.

The modern cash register at a Taco Bell is not hard to operate. With few exceptions you press the button for the item being ordered. The register figures out the total price and it will figure out the correct change. Teenagers with minimal training operate the things. How hard can it be?
One person (I give a 60% chance of being female, but it was really hard to tell.), a family of four, and myself were in the line. The first person and the cashier took forever to order. At first I though she(?) was simply talking to the cashier. I think the first person came back twice to fix something. Yet the cashier never appeared flustered. I simply couldn't tell what they were doing or saying. Finally the family of four started to order. The mom was at the end of their line and I knew something was horribly wrong. The mother was saying things about the order. Five people in line ahead of me and eight minutes later I still hadn't ordered. At that point I left. I went to the McDonald's across the street. From inside MickeyD's I could still see the mother and cashier doing...whatever it was they were doing.

It was early morning in the McDonald's. Only 5 customers were inside. Aside from the drive-thru it wasn't busy at all. "Hey your buttons are different than ours," the cashier yelled to the manager. Oh this can't be good. We were the only people in line and it still took 5 minutes to get breakfast. I had to go back for the hash browns and the utensil pack.

Is anyone else concerned when the minimal skilled jobs lack minimally qualified people to perform them?

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