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Sunday, August 13, 2006

I Can't Blame The Hotel For These Problems.

A pretty large family reunion went on here Saturday and part of Sunday. They had the ballroom next to our seminar. We were continuously treated to either: a D.J., the family singing a song, or grandma singing a hymnal. O.M.G! Frequently our speaker had to stop her lesson to let them finish. We, the audience, kept laughing at the situation, but I'm pretty sure all were getting cranky at the situation. The problem was the foldable wall between our ballrooms. It wasn't real solid and tight so sound easily traveled. Do you have singing at your family reunions?

On the other hand can I blame the parents for letting the children run amok with the elevators? Based on their behavior I wonder if some of them have ever seen an elevator before. Taking the elevator one floor is a pet peeve of mine. Our room is on the seventh floor and sometimes it took over 5 minutes to reach it. Watching all 3 elevators crawl one or two floors at a time wasn't fun. (If we had breaks longer than 10 minutes I wouldn't care, but only one set of restrooms is on the first floor and all 3 ballrooms were booked. It made sense sometimes to hit your room for the bathroom. This was a huge flaw when my room rejected my entry card.)

The free wireless connection is a bit spotty in our room. It takes until 7pm for the cleaning service to clean our rooms. Can I just say I'm not very impressed with this hotel?

Sitting in a seminar all day for 3 days reminds me of bar review. Various speakers discussing various subjects, the room is way too hot or way too cold, with hard and uncomfortable chairs. Yep, just like bar review.

With luck I'll discuss the Adventures Of The Hafbrauhaus next time.

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