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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

May No One Die Tonight.

For those not in the area, Indy has been hit with several waves of violent murders this year. Within the past week 13 people were murdered with more seriously injured. One in an alley behind a nightclub. One or two were in their stopped car at a stoplight when someone walked up from a few cars back and stuck a gun in through the window. Saturday night seemed to be a roving firefight throughout downtown between individuals in a story of revenge. A few months ago a family of 7 was murdered by someone looking for drug money.

I don't have the energy now to put down my thoughts. Hopefully I can work little bits and pieces over the next few days until this fever passes. Right now I was happy when the 5 o'clock news did not start with a shooting, but with a penguin car accident. [EDIT 8-9-2006: Don't get me wrong. I'm not happy the penguins died. I was merely happy that no one was murdered during the day. It gets very exhausting to see news report after news report about people killing each other. People don't value human life and all these recent stories are a cumulation of 30 years of bad policies.] Yet the past few mornings I turn on the TV and wonder how many died overnight. People shouldn't have to think such thoughts.

As for now, if you're a teenage to 30 year old black male, you might want to stay home for awhile. Too many guns are aimed at you.

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