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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Share And Share Alike.

Having a roommate means you have to share some things. Sadly we couldn't share the DSL connection. One router or the other had to be on, but not both. The FAQ list at AT&T suggested we set up a home network to share the one DSL connection. Duh!

Luckily Whumpa's router has wireless capabilities. My laptop has a wireless card, but my desktop doesn't. Whumpa solved that problem. For my birthday he got a wireless network adapter that plugs into a USB port on the computer.

I'll be honest. I only understand the bare basics of wireless LAN as the technology simply didn't exist when I got out of computers. I'm old school in that I understand cables! Installation of the hardware was easy. I just set the receiver on my desk and plugged a long cable into a free USB port. We had some difficulty configuring the hardware though. At first it didn't see the network, then it wouldn't connect with it. I have no idea what Whumpa did, but he got it to work. He had to go upstairs and adjust something on his router.

Regardless now I don't have to unplug him if I want to connect with the internet. We can share now!

NOTE: this post brought to you via our wireless connection.
PS: We've enabled security so don't try to hack it.
PPS: If by chance you manged to hack it the range is very limited and I can simply shoot anyone nearby stealing our internet access. Heck I could just throw a rock at you.

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