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Thursday, June 01, 2006

For Those Curious.

Just a quick update.

Tuesday went okay. Interviewed with a panel of 3 people. Some questions were fine, others exposed the fact I'm a nugget with little, if any, experience (legally that is). Hopefully a Round 2 of interview to be next week.

Wednesday went great I thought. It is a small firm with the classic problem of more work than they can handle. I should hear something next week as well.

Friday I am looking forward to. It is similar to Tuesday, but in a different location. Hopefully the questions will be similar.

The birthday dinner was Rick's Boatyard Cafe. I went there last year as well, but we got far better service this year. I wanted to go someplace nice that wasn't a chain restaurant. Thai and Indian were out because my mom can't stand the heat. We stayed in the air-conditioning because my dad can't stand the temperature. *sigh* At least the food was great.

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