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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Birthday Wish List

Since you have exactly one week until my birthday I figured I should post my list for anyone who is thinking of gifts.

1. A well paying job that makes use of my law degree.
2. Paying off my student loans. If you don't want to write a check to Sallie Mae then get the Corvette pace car to this year's Indy 500. They're equivalent in value.
3. Pay off my slowly rising credit card debt.
4. Build a new shed, fencing, and patio to replace my dilapidated ones.
5. Repair the upstairs bathroom leak. After 4 years I'm tired of it.
6. A replacement dryer. After 3 months I'm tired of having a washer, but no dryer.
7. Cable TV. We're getting that Friday. First time in 2 years I'll have History, Discovery, ESPN, and Sci-Fi. Having a new roomie does have advantages.
8. One black Chrysler 300C SRT-8. Does that thing have a HEMI? Why yes, yes it does.
9. One paid two week vacation to Hawaii.

Looks like I'm in a mostly practical mood this year. Can I go back to the days when I wanted a doggie?

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